Why film?

Since the first time I shot a roll of film I was hooked. Over the years I have just grown more fond of this medium, not that there is anything wrong with digital – I still shoot loads with my digital cameras.

But there is just that something special about film – it makes me slow down, it makes me really appreciate a photo and then there’s the dreamy colours…
The process is also something I love, from taking the roll out of it’s wrapper, loading it and then waiting for the scans to get back from the lab.
No long hours sitting in front of Lightroom to get ‘the film look’ – it’s just perfect!

I mostly use The FINDLab in the USA – where they develop and scan the negatives as a high res file.

The cameras I use:
Pentax645n & YashicaMat124G (both 120mm medium format)
NikonF100 & NikonF90 (both 35mm(

Film stock:
Portra400 / Fuji400H / Ilford B&W


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