FAQ – What to wear on our photoshoot?

During the next few weeks I will going through a couple of FAQ. First up is one I get asked a lot, especially for family photos:

“What must me wear on our photoshoot?

That totally depends on what style you have,  how old your kids are and the mood of the kids!
If you like to dress your kids in the cutest fashion, like cotton on , country road and sticky fudge, then please do.
But if you have strong-willed kids (like I do!) then sometimes not even a bribe can get them out of their favorite Disney shirt or lived-in shorts.

Then I say rather have them wear whatever they feel happy and comfortable in, than having screaming tantrum kiddies.

happy kids = easy photoshoot

And sometimes it is actually awesome to document this very fun and strange and crazy time in our kids lives – to look back years from now and laugh and remember that one dress she wouldn’t take off for days on end…


** One style trend that I can do without though is the white shirt and jean look – no offense, but it has been done 🙂


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